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Payroll Processing for Washington State employees

Posted by Aubrey Leahy on Dec 14, 2018

There is a NEW Employment Security Department remittance that starts on Jan 1 2019 called Washington’s Paid Family & Medical Leave Program.

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6 New Features In QuickBooks Online

Posted by Lester San Jose on Aug 2, 2018

In case you didn't hear about the new features being made available to QuickBooks Online, our team did and wants to share them with you.

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Getting Started With: QuickBooks Online Payroll

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on May 18, 2018

Payroll introduces another layer of complexity within small business accounting. Beyond ensuring your employees are paid on time, you’re also responsible for managing employee benefits and payroll taxes.  

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Important Update: Issue With Oregon Statewide Transit Tax

Posted by Joy Huffman on Apr 26, 2018

An issue with the new Statewide Transit Tax was brought to my attention today which may effect payroll processing in QuickBooks.

The new Transit Tax does not go into effect until July 1, but Intuit/QuickBooks has already put it into the payroll items list so it is affecting payroll.

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QuickBooks 2015 is Being Discontinued - What You Need to Know

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Apr 11, 2018

If you’re using QuickBooks Desktop 2015, access to important add-on services will stop working as of May 31st, 2018. You can prevent your essential add-on services from becoming obsolete by upgrading to  QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

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Who Needs to Pay Quarterly Taxes?

Posted by QuickBooks on Sep 29, 2017

Do I need to pay quarterly taxes? If your employer withholds money each week from your paycheck, then you likely don’t have to think about making quarterly tax payments. However, for those of us who are self-employed or receive income in the form of interests, dividends, rent, alimony, gains from the sale of assets, prizes or awards, it may be necessary to make quarterly estimated tax payments to the IRS.

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Working with Checks in QuickBooks Desktop

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Jul 6, 2017

Online banking may get all the headlines, but a lot of small businesses still prefer paper checks. QuickBooks can accommodate them.

“I don’t write checks anymore,” you hear a lot of people say these days. Debit cards, smartphone payment apps, and online banking have replaced the old paper checkbook for a lot of consumers.

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How to Keep Your QuickBooks Data Safe

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Jun 5, 2017

You work hard to make sure your QuickBooks data is accurate. Make sure it’s safe, too.

Your QuickBooks company file contains some of the most sensitive information on your computer. You may have your customers’ credit card numbers and employees’ Social Security numbers saved inside. An intruder who captured all that data could create tremendous problems for you and a lot of other people.

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How will Memorial Day affect my direct deposit? | Monday, May 29, 2017

Posted by Thomas Cooper on May 18, 2017

Please be advised that Monday May 29th is Memorial Day. This may affect Payrolls that you are responsible for.  How will Memorial Day (Monday, May 29, 2017) affect my direct deposit?

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What is the Intuit Reseller Program?

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on May 17, 2017

Resellers can help you increase the value of your Intuit investment by improving performance, increasing efficiencies, and simplifying operations.

The Intuit Premier Reseller program includes only the top business professionals who are qualified in meeting their customer’s diverse needs by selling a variety of Intuit products and services to deliver complete business solutions. As part of this premier tier, ebs Associates offers a direct relationship with Intuit’s sales, procurement, and product support teams, creating an inflow of resources and support for you and your business.

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