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QuickBooks Enterprise: Full Service Plan What You Need To Know

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Oct 28, 2015

8 Reasons to Get Your QuickBooks Enterprise Full Service Plan from ebs Associates

full-service-plan.jpgAt ebs Associates you will find enthusiastic advocates for everything QuickBooks.  We love to help set-up QuickBooks, clean-up QuickBooks, teach QuickBooks, keep your books, etc.

Get Quote When you purchase QuickBooks Enterprise, you automatically receive the Full Service Plan (FSP) for one year.  When you choose to purchase QuickBooks Enterprise and  the QuickBooks Enterprise Full Service Plan from ebs Associates you not only get a trusted expert to call on every step of the way throughout your QuickBooks experience you also receive the following key benefits:

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QuickBooks Enterprise: Isn’t It About Time to Start Saving Time on Warehouse Management?

Posted by Robert Lockard on Oct 19, 2015

Warehouse Management and QuickBooks Enterprise

A new year is right around the corner. Now is the time to make key changes to your business to ensure you’ll use your time to the fullest, going forward.

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QuickBooks Enterprise 2016: What's New

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Oct 15, 2015

QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 New and Improved Changes!

In the spirit of making continuous improvements to products and services find out why Intuit QuickBooks customers are excited about QuickBooks Enterpise 2016!

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EMV – what you need to know

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Oct 9, 2015

Intuit Merchant Services

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing

What is EMV:

EMV is the global standard for smart card payments and refers to EMV refers to smart or chip cards that contain an embedded chip which provides stronger security features.

Why is EMV important:

EMV provides merchants with increased fraud protection from counterfeit, lost or stolen cards. Today, if you run a transaction on a fraudulent card, the bank assumes the loss. In the United States, starting in October, if you swipe a fraudulent EMV/chip card with a magnetic stripe reader, you could be liable for that charge.

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