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ebs Associates Helps Clients Move QuickBooks To The Cloud

Posted by Kelli on Jul 17, 2014

One of the common things you hear about desktop versions of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier & Enterprise) is that people wish it was cloud-based. From Amazon Customer Reviews to PC Magazine Editorials, the common desire to be able to access the software online can be heard. The fact is, with the use of a hosting provider, QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise can in fact be accessed and used in the cloud.

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Zeus Malware Continues Putting Financial Information At Risk

Posted by Kelli on Jul 14, 2014

When the Zeus (or "Zbot") source code was made public back in 2011, we began seeing variations of the malware pop up across the internet. With the ability to easily adjust and alter the program to remain undetected for longer and longer periods of time, cyber criminal groups are able to continue teaching this old dog nasty new tricks. The latest of these tricks is a combining of Zeus with another Trojan called Carberp, to form what is known as the "Zberp Trojan". And it is currently targeting banks, financial institutions and businesses all over.

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Turn Off Popups & Notices In QuickBooks

Posted by Kelli on Jul 1, 2014

If you are tired of seeing the same messages over and over and would like to turn off popups in QuickBooks, you're not alone. Although these notices can often serve as helpful reminders, some users that have been working with QuickBooks for a while may already know the ins and outs, making these popups unnecessary. Follow these steps to eliminate many of the QuickBooks popups you may be seeing.

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